Stationary Ballistic Separator (combined ballistic separation with screening for separation of waste and recyclables)

The Ballistor unifies the ballistic separation and screening processes, performing in one operation in accordance with the criteria 3/2-dimensional, rolling-cubic-rigid/flat-soft-narrow, or undersized/oversized particles. There is a high degree of selectivity with easy setting of separation limit, giving the Ballistor a wide range of applications,f rom municipal waste to potential recyclables and C&D. Furthmore, the machine's rugged design is built for a long service life with low operating costs. 

  • performance: 5.5-11 kW

  • throughput: up to 80-288 cubic yards per hours

  • screen area: 104-380 square feet

For more information and specifications, please see the Ballistor's brochure or visit Komptech's website.