Nemus 2700

Drum Screen (compost, biomass, soil, gravel, waste)

The Nemus 2700 is Komptech's new generation of mobile hydraulic trommel screeners. Combining aspects of the Mustang with the newer Cribus series, the Nemus 2700 has a large hopper and a drum screen with improved material feed. Boasting a one-piece, corrugated edge, fine discharge belt, transfer loss is eliminated. Reflecting customer experience with previous generations' screens, the Nemus has an easy cleaning, 2-stage radiator induction screen, larger material intake support wheels, and a new low wear collecting conveyor scraper. 

  • performance: diesel engine with 70 kW
  • throughput: up to 220 cubic yards per hour
  • screening area: 323 square feet
  • mobility: 2-axle trailer or semi-trailer

For more information and specifications, please see the Nemus 2700's brochure or Komptech's website.