Star screens (biomass, compost, wood, waste)

Each of these Multistars is capable of high throughput with precise selectivity regardless of material moisture because of the CLEANSTAR cleaning system. This system works by a wear resistant cleaning finger on each star that clears the screen gap to the surrounding stars on each rotation. Particle size is controlled by varying rotation speed of the star shafts. The simple speed control at the screen deck changes particle size in seconds. 

Four options: Multistar M3, M2, L3, or L2

For more information and specifications, please see the Multistar's brochure or visit Komptech's website. 


The Multistar M3 and M2s are professional technology for the mid-performance range. It is outfitted with a more than 5 square meter loading hopper and 3 separate folding discharge belts at the machine's end (M2: 2 fractions). Servicing and maintenance are quick and simple due to the extendable motor unit, large side flaps, and completely retractable discharge conveyor belts. 

  • performance: 34 kW (optional diesel generator with 48 kVA
  • throughput: up to 160 cubic yards per hour
  • screen decks: 2
  • mobility: 2-axle trailer


The Multistar L3 and L2s are perfect for continuous operation at large plants. It has a 7 square meter hopper and wide discharge belts for convenient working. There is optimized wear protection on all parts in contact with material to reduce maintenance costs. 

  • performance: diesel generator with 60 kVA
  • throughput: up to 35 cubic yards per hour
  • screen decks: 2
  • mobility: 2-axle trailer

This machine has several options that make it a genuine allrounder

  • wind sifter for coarse and medium fraction
  • magnetic rolls
  • rolling fraction separator
  • switch enables production of only 2 fractions (L3)
  • hopper overload sidewalls, central lubrication, and pneumatic spring axles for increased working comfort