Star screens (biomass, compost, wood, waste)

Three options: Multistar XXL2, XXL3, or XXXL3

For more information and specifications, please see the Multistar's brochure or visit Komptech's website. 


The Multistar XXL2 is Komptech's new, pure 2 fraction screen, making it a great alternative for situations in which separation into 3 fractions is not strictly necessary. With low energy consumption and costs due to the all electric drive and less servicing needed because of the CLEANSTAR system, the XXL2 is extremely business friendly. 

  • performance: diesel generator with 60 kVA
  • throughput: up to 650 cubic yards per hour
  • screen decks: 1
  • mobility: semi-trailer


The Multistar XXL3 and XXXL3s are made for the most demanding operations with the highest throughput while still being mobile. Made with heavy duty components, these machines are built for continuous operation. The large screen decks with discharge belts and the powerful but economical electric drive via diesel generator lead to unbeatably low operating costs even at full production. 

  • performance: diesel generator with 100 kVA
  • throughput: up to 530 cubic yards per hour
  • screen decks: 2
  • mobility: semi-trailer