Pre-shredder (waste, wood)

The Terminator is a powerful pre-shredder capable of handling even the most difficult materials. With a continuous cutting gap adjustment, the produced particle size can be tailored for subsequent processing steps. Variants range from coarse pre-shredding to defined shredding. 

  • shreds C&D, railroad ties, carpet, MSW, and tires
  • complete swiveling of countercomb provides perfect accessibility for maintenance of shredding unit

The Terminator shredding C&D at a transfer station.

Landfill Applications: Shredding waste for greater density and extended landfill life.

Three options: Direct, MOBILE or STATIONARY

For more information and specifications, please see the Terminator's brochure or visit Komptech's website. 

Terminator Direct

  • performance: diesel engine with 242/328/429 kW
  • hydraulic drum drive
  • mobility options: track, trailer, hook


  • performance: diesel engine with 242/328/429 kW
  • mobility options- track, trailer, hook
  • teeth can be reused multiple times for low wear costs


  • performance: electric motor with 132-320 kW
  • hydraulic drum drive with overload protection